Preview of the Online Slot Game Tornado: Farm Escape

Even if running away from a tornado that’s destroying your farm probably isn’t the most exciting thing ever, NetEnt manages to make the concept of a powerful natural disaster interesting. And most significantly, it has the ability to make players money.

While the premise of this five-reel slot machine is unique, its inner workings are identical to those of other slots. Even newcomers may easily enter the center of the maelstrom. You can improve your chances of winning by using one of the game’s bonus game options. Get ready to ride out the storm for a chance at 45,000 coins.

The Slot Game Tornado: Farm Escape

In this case, kudos go to NetEnt’s game creators. Tornadoes are dangerous to most people and animals, yet for some reason these bored farm animals celebrate them as if it were a party. As the pigs, cows, and other assorted trash are spun, the slot is located inside the whirling winds. The wind effects around the reels’ periphery are well executed, yet despite their grins, the creatures’ wide eyes nevertheless convey an air of anxiety. Animals and other symbols are instantly recognizable, and the light, breezy layout makes reading it a breeze. The user interface is straightforward and uncluttered, with no extraneous elements. There is also a high-quality prologue film.

Online Slot Guide: Tornado Farm Escape

This is a very straightforward slot machine, but it does provide a few more paylines than others in that it has five reels and a total of 20. The betting range is very large, starting at 0.2 coins and going up to 200. The absence of the usual letter and number symbols that serve as filler in so many slot machines is a wonderful touch. Instead, the entire interface is themed, and the wild symbol is labeled prominently at all times. Next, we’ll discuss a few Tornado Farm benefits you should keep an eye out for.

Gameplay, Bonuses, and Symbols in the Tornado Farm Escape Slot

The online slot game’s two bonus features are a tornado and a storm. Aside from semantics, they are distinctively different. However, there are no no-deposit spins, which might make it more difficult to walk away with a profit. Any spin has an equal chance of triggering the Storms Feature. The lack of free spins is somewhat mitigated by a little storm that moves across the screen, turning all symbols it encounters into wilds. If you wish to activate the Tornado Feature, keep an eye out for any of these cloud icons. If the central sign is grabbed by a tornado, the red and blue clouds on reels one and five (not the other way around) must be present. If that symbol appears again during the re-spin, you win.

Some players may be turned off by the slot’s difficulty in triggering its extra features and the fact that it does not provide free spins.

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